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Young Excellence Society Inc. organizational programs are implemented by committed and well-trained staff, that consists of certified teachers, social workers, psychologists and provides many opportunities to help overcome the obstacles such as high dropout rate, low test scores, gang violence and several other demeaning situations that face the under served low-income population in throughout New York City boroughs. Supporting the knowledge and ability, of self-confidence, Young Excellence Society primary objectives are to provide at risk individuals and families with an absolute underpinning for future success to empower the overall family system.


Young Excellence Society organizational headquarters is nestled in the historic Crawford Memorial United Methodist church. The Crawford Memorial United Methodist Church dates back to 1852 when a Methodist society was organized in the village of Olinville in the Bronx.


 YES is a  nonprofit organization that seeks to improve the quality of life among low-income families, adults, and youth in the five boroughs of New York City’s communities. Young Excellence Society's mission is devoted to meeting the educational and developmental needs of children and adolescents, while also fostering achievement among adults.


To be recognized globally as an organization that fosters diversity through quality services, and that flourish low-income and high-risk communities by providing programs that encourages and supports positive youth & adult development and self-sufficiency.


About the Founder

Individual empowerment and self-determination are strong components of Young Excellence Society. Program founder  Mrs. Lanise Herman-Thomas initiated the program idea, concept and vision, as well as designed and developed the organization to address the health, educational, high crime, teen pregnancy, and socioeconomic shortcomings pervading the New York City communities. Recognizing these needs based on their personal observations and experiences Mrs. Herman turned their experiences into a vision of hope for underserved youths and families. 


Young Excellence Society offers a variety of youth development programs to address specific needs of families, adult learning classes, and family support programs such as support groups, individual counseling and community organization projects.  


Lanise Herman-Thomas
Executive Director, Mentor

After School Program - Tutoring

After School Program - Tutoring